The PTW+® welded anchor has a super high holding power (SHHP).

It is an excellent solution for fast boats (HSC) as well as yachts, CTV and all types of boats that require high-performance anchoring and weight reduction on board.

The SHHP PTW Anchor is lightweight and with very high anchoring power

The Super High Holding Power anchor (SHHP PTW +® anchor) allow a weight reduction of 50% compared to an ordinary anchor. The only one made in Italy by qualified workers. Fully balanced and 10% shortened shank possible Type approved by most important classification societies.
Available in hot dip galvanized execution, stainless steel Duplex mirror polished, electro-polished and super passivated.

SHHP PTW anchors

The SHHP PTW + anchor is a registered trademark of Posidonia and are one of our flagship products:

SHHP PTW stands for power and speed!

Powerful anchoring and speed for the vessel equipped with an anchor that weighs half as much as an ordinary anchor.

The SHHP PTW welded anchor is approved by the most important classification societies IACS, such as ABS, BV, DNV, LR, RINA, RS, KR, CCS.

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POSIDONIA SHHP PTW anchor: smaller without sacrificing safety, holding power, and vessel strength.

SHHP stands for Super High Holding Power, also known as VHHP, which stands for Very High Holding Power. Certifying IACS classification societies have approved our Posidonia designs for SHHP PTW, making them compliant with the standard that allows for weight reduction compared to a mass anchor without compromising safety.

Our SHHP PTW anchor has been designed by our engineers to provide exceptional holding capacity, ensuring safety and stability for vessels that require space, lightness, or speed: fast boats (HSC), yachts, workboats such as CTVs transporting materials and crew to offshore installations.

SHHP PTW anchor: for fast vessels!

The Posidonia SHHP PTW anchor is articulated fluke anchors, hand-welded from steel plates, duplex, or other materials upon request, in our workshops in Novi Ligure. The mass range is from 17 to 1500 kg.

For a SHHP PTW anchor to weigh 1500 kg means replacing an ordinary 3-ton anchor. So, equivalent size and weight, along with all the equipment such as windlasses and winches sized accordingly. The same vessel must be dimension, from the chain locker to the hull itself.

Additionally, they have the capability to short the shank by 10%, precisely to adapt to smaller hawsepipe.

The SHHP PTW anchor can be balanced or unbalanced and SHHP PTW anchor is available with an IACS approved plate on the base that allows for a disappearing mooring for total comfort during navigation.

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